How to configure SMTP on N8N

Veja como configurar o SMTP no N8N para habilitar a função de múltiplos usuários

Recently N8N launched the multi-user feature, but many people are not able to enable this fantastic new feature.

In this article I will show you how to configure SMTP on the N8N so that you can start sending invitation emails from your collaborators.

User Management on the N8N

Up to version 0.164.0 the N8N did not support users, being the login done through Basic Auth.

It wasn’t the best option, but it worked very well.

But with version 0.165.0 the N8N supports users and you can still invite external people to join your N8N.

This brings many facilities and possibilities for using the tool, especially for teamwork.

SMTP Configuration Variables on the N8N

User management is already standard in version 0.165.0 of the N8N, but the possibility of having multiple users on the N8N needs some variables so that the system itself has access to SMTP.

Below is the complete list of environment variables you need to configure SMTP on the N8N:

N8N_SMTP_HOSTEndereço do Serviço de SMTP
N8N_SMTP_SENDERE-mail de Remetente
N8N_SMTP_SSLUsar ou Não usar SSLtrue

With these variables inserted in your N8N environment, the “Invite” button located on the users screen will be enabled, allowing you to send invitations.

Veja como configurar o SMTP no N8N para habilitar a função de múltiplos usuários

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